Ordering Info

The Chile Woman is celebrating our 32nd year in business! We appreciate all of you for making this possible!

Orders may be placed anytime for shipping in 2024. I will reserve your plants and ship them beginning in May 2024. Thank you.

Prices are effective through October 2024.

I constantly strive the find the most reliable and safest, yet cost effective shipping method. We shifted to FedEx Ground for prompt and safe delivery of your plants. The high cost of fuel adds greatly to the shipping cost. When I sign my contract, the fuel surcharge is a variable that can slam a small business. I want to provide you with the lowest possible shipping costs without losing a great deal of money. Rather than offer “free shipping” and raise my plant prices substantially, I have chosen to keep the prices at $5 per plant. We utilize two shipping zones. Zone 1 covers most of the country and Zone 2 covers Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. We do not ship to Georgia. Georgia does not allow pepper and tomato plants to be shipped at this time. We will not be shipping to Nevada this season as they have imposed a $50 fee per shipment and require chemicals I am not willing to use. I hope that will change for 2024! I am happy to announce that North Carolina will continue to allow plants from The Chile Woman to be shipped this season although their restrictions still apply to states other than Indiana.

All orders must be shipped within an eight week period, so things get rather hectic here in the spring even without getting hit by a tornado. Early orders are vastly appreciated. I ship on Mondays to avoid plants sitting on trucks over the weekend. Please contact me if you wish to ship via a different method. I will do my best to meet your shipping needs.

Agricultural restrictions have established my shipping period as May 1st through June 30th. In order to qualify for interstate live plant shipping permits, all orders must be sent during this period. I will have plants available locally until October 31st as permit restrictions require me to have 3 months of downtime in the greenhouses.

I intend to begin shipping orders in early May, depending upon the weather. Orders may be delayed if we have a late frost in Indiana. It can be very cold here in May. I will do my utmost to insure that your plants will arrive in top condition.

Although I cannot ship before May, orders may be placed at any time. Early orders are encouraged as you can then be certain to reserve a variety before it may sell out in the spring.

My shipping boxes hold either 6 or 12 plants so please figure your shipping costs in multiples of 6 and 12. I require a minimum order of 6 plants. The plants are shipped in 2 1/2 inch black plastic pots nestled in custom designed boxes patented by Columbus Container Co. You may order one of any particular variety; the plants do not have to be sent in multiples of a particular variety.

Chile Plant and Tomatillo prices are $5.00 each. Sweet Pepper and Tomato Plant prices are $5.00 each.

Please don’t forget to add the $3 handling fee. There is a $10 cancellation fee. There is a $10 order correction/change fee.

6-12 plants……add $24.24
For each additional box of 6 plants, add $16.23
For each additional box of 12 plants, add $24.24

24 plants=$48.48
30 plants=$64.71

6-12 plants……add $19.88
For each additional box of 6 plants, add $13.31
For each additional box of 12 plants, add $19.88

24 plants=$39.76
30 plants=$53.07

Want to save on shipping costs? Come pick up the plants and have a look around the greenhouse. Terry and I would love to meet you and Bloomington is a great place to visit.