My Contest for 2024.

Last year, I had a local winner in my contest. I think that’s a first. This year’s question is somewhat related to last years. My chiles have graced many a table all over the US. What is the most exciting place they have been served?

Have fun guessing!

Will past answers help? The place where my plants were seen by millions is the Smithsonian. The first correct guess for a Top Chef contestant long time customer was Ed Lee. My favorite play is 6 Characters In Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello. My favorite musical is A Chorus Line. My favorite food book is Secrets of the Tsil Cafe by Thomas Fox Averill. I have been a VITAL (Volunteer In Tutoring Adult Learners) tutor for 40 years. Four years ago, I tutored students from Oman and South Korea. I have a varsity letter in debate from Indiana University-Bloomington. The reality show Terry and I were asked to be on was Trading Spouses. The two countries that asked me to help establish chile growing operations were Tanzania and Colombia. The two bright green buns I ate in Japan were melon and mugwort. My favorite single malts are Nadurra and Highland Park. My tennis nickname is Domanetrix. I love watching Top Chef and Cash Cab. I have been a vegetarian for 47 years. I am 61; weigh 120 pounds and wear a child’s size four shoe. My favorite boxer is Oscar DeLaHoya and my favorite baseball player is Norm Cash. Our baby name was Bellina. My favorite Local Growers Guild items are fromage a trois from Capriole Cheese, yogurt from Traders Point, and garlic herb cheese from The Swiss Connection.

Same rules apply: one guess per person. The first correct guess wins one dozen plants. I will chose a prime selection of chiles, sweet pepper and tomato plants and ship them to the winner.

Email your guess to:

Good luck!